Mary Serino

Piano - Ukulele - Melodica

Mary has been teaching private music lessons for 25 years and leading musical ensembles for 30 years. She has been praised as a pianist for her ability to “play with emotional legato” and her ability to bring music to life off of the page.

In addition her career as a soloist, Mary established herself as an admirable accompanist performing alongside several professional vocalists including up and coming musical theater starlet Mary Sudol.

Mary’s varied skills as arranger, composer, lyricist and programmer have put her at the helm of a series of countless ensembles including children’s choirs, instrumental ensembles, acapella groups, worship teams, and theater troupes. Her endeavors in songwriting have garnered her some local awards.

Mary has a particular love for the power of music within a community. She has been involved with and founded several local outreach programs that bring music to those who need it most. She currently organizes musical events in association with Milford Senior Care, Delaware Valley and Belle Reve that liven the days of the senior citizens right here in Milford.

As a teacher, Mary has a particular ability with children. She feels that despite her experience and training, her greatest teaching insights come from raising a child of her own.

Mary is currently working with us as a private instructor and helping us develop our own group and outreach programs.